Are you a manufacturer?

Include your product and price lists in the sales configurator
Market leader in doors, windows and blinds

You offer increasingly innovative products: how can you inform your customers and help them quickly and easily price the products?

Accessible through ProDevis for over 18 years, the ELCIA configurator is used daily by more than 18,000 users: you are certain to reach the vast majority of installers and distributors in the doors, windows and blinds sector.

List your products and price lists in the ELCIA configurator and include all your technical, pricing and commercial data, making it all available to your customers, regardless of your sales channels.


Hosted by the Cloud, the ELCIA Configurator offers multiple new functionalities!

Products, price lists, updates, new product ranges, innovations, promotions: your customers can access your price list in just a few clicks!

Smart and 100% industry focused, the configurator guides and supports your customers for the pricing of your products: customers are completely independent and your sales cycle is optimized!

Available as a white label product, integrate the ELCIA configurator into your own software.

Configurateur de vente multicanal