BAU 2023 | Munich, April 17 - 22, 2023

Hall C5, Booth 530

Windows, doors, sun protection

Selling windows, doors, and sun protection - made easy.

  • Are you looking for an easy way so that your dealers can quote themselves?
  • Are a large number of your retail partners overwhelmed by complicated industry solutions?
  • Yet another system scares off your IT department?

Visit us at BAU in Munich and experience how easy it is to reconcile these three things:

With our tailor-made configurators for windows, doors and sun protection, your dealers create quotes independently and your sales department can concentrate on consulting and acquisition. MYPRICER is easy to use, runs as a browser-based solution without installation and training effort, and runs on any mobile device.


Relieve your sales teams

Imagine this: From now on, your customers calculate standard offers themselves! Your sales department only needs to get involved with the non-standard stuff and can use its consulting expertise to the full. This saves time for everyone involved.

Your dealers can also create quotes independently of your operating hours and don’t have to spend time waiting for a quote and then laboriously copying it over for the end customer.

Thanks to your mobile solution, you can even do this directly from your smartphone or tablet on the construction site.


Do away with complicated software

Wouldn’t it be much easier if your dealer had a pricing solution that guided him step by step through the configuration process?

That helps the user select features and makes it easy to sell added value?

That makes it easy to calculate alternative configurations and variants and present them to the end customer for decision-making?


The complete carefree package

No training and installation – sounds too good to be true? The system is set up in the cloud, and you access the ready-to-use application via your Internet browser. Even lengthy training sessions are not necessary, because the user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. And if it is not, the online help is ready to answer all your questions.

Maintaining master data is the big pain – you know this from your ERP system. But rest assured: We’ll take care of it for you! Our experienced team of specialized engineers will keep your data up to date. And because this is a sales-oriented system, the complexity is also much lower than for a production environment.



Calculation made easy - for windows, doors, and sun protection


Subscriptions start at 1.000 EUR per month

Configure. Quote. Order.

MyPRICER is the turnkey online solution that lets your dealers create quotes.

  • intuitive calculation for your dealers
  • all-in-one package with hosting and updates
  • mobile use on tablet and smartphone


Subscription fees on demand  

Your site. Your configurator. Your design.

With the white label configurator from ELCIA-Online you have even more options:

  • integrate it flexibly into your environment
  • for the dealer area of your website, the online store or as a kiosk in the showroom
  • our project team accompanies you during setup


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ELCIA Group is a digital solutions provider for the building components industry. With 250 employees and headquarters in the Lyon metropolitan area, the company has been a partner to manufacturers and retailers for more than 20 years and generates annual sales of 26 million euros. Its flagship solution, ProDevis, is used daily by 24,000 professionals in the windows, doors, gates, roller shutters, sunshades, awnings and insect screens industries. ELCIA’s partners include around 650 manufacturers of construction elements throughout Europe.