Technical configurator and ERP for industrial doors, windows and blinds

A technical configurator integrated into an ERP, Diapason is intended for all manufacturers of doors, windows and blinds, who seek to innovate, digitalize their processes (sales, purchasing...), control production costs and guarantee their delivery lead times.

Diapason ERP

As a manufacturer of doors, windows and blinds, you must meet increasingly demanding requirements and deliver more and more customized products, and yet deliver on time. How can you best satisfy the requirements of your customers?

Efficient production to meet customer requirements

With Diapason, the benchmark configurator with ERP, you can innovate and adapt your production to meet their needs and technical constraints. A standard solution entirely customized to fit your organization, to manage your company’s diverse processes and give you a global vision of your activity and your workshop.

You can easily set up your production to increase efficiency

Thanks to the Diapason technical configurator, highlight the essential steps in your production process and supply chain. You can simply and easily set up your product details and accurately calculate your delivery lead times. You can count on reliable information, without loss or the risk of making mistakes.

Diapason production

Manage projects, and control costs and margins to drive your business forward

CRM, Sales Management, production, purchasing, supplies and supply chain: you can fully control your company’s different processes. Save precious time on order processing, and optimize your production management from start to finish. By easily rolling out your set up to your operators’ work stations, you can follow each production phase and aim for a paperless workshop.

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Combine your ERP system with our modules and drive your business forward

A fully customizable solution, Diapason can conform to your company’s organization and production output. Monitor your sales, control your purchases, reduce your inventory costs, manage your production capacity, control your industrial accounting: use the seven modules to increasingly customize your Diapason solution, and help drive your business forward even further.

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