Remote training: do your training remotely with no constraints

A quick and effective way to improve your knowledge of ProDevis software

How is remote training best summed up?

Choose a topic from among the 12 we have selected to meet the most common needs, and enhance your knowledge of it. Each session is two hours long and led by an ELCIA trainer. In one-to-one training, you can discuss topics and ask all your questions to further your knowledge. This quick and efficient budget package lets you get the training you need on a particular feature of ProDevis, wherever you prefer, with no constraints.

€250 per session (excl. VAT)
2 trainees per session
téléformation prodevis

How does a remote-training session work?

Confirm your order and schedule a telephone appointment with your trainer according to your availability. On the arranged day, your ELCIA trainer will call you directly and guide you through the steps to set up screen-sharing via your Internet connection. Once connected, your remote training begins.

At the end of your session, your trainer will review all the points covered to make sure all your questions have been answered. You will then receive a remote training document containing the details of the topic you covered, so you can refer back to it later as needed.


Twelve remote-training topics to choose from

Icône ProDevis 7

Beginner level: pricing

Quickly get started with your software and become self-sufficient when drawing up quotes; all the while saving precious time when creating your documents.
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Expert level: pricing

Enhance your skills with ProDevis features so you can master complex pricing and optimize your personal settings.
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Creating a document template

Stand out from the competition and enhance the image of your business in the eyes of your customers by personalizing your document templates.
Icône ProDevis 7

Creating a simple price list

Configure the products you sell and become fully self-sufficient when creating, editing, and personalizing your product-reference libraries.
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Configure and customize your schedule for sales, installations, and deliveries to get a comprehensive overview of your business in progress and improve your overall efficiency.
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Tracking supplier orders

Optimize your supplier relations by getting an accurate view of the progress of your placed orders. Improve your work site planning by controlling your delivery times.
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Customer follow-up Business follow-up

Improve and optimize your sales practices by managing your follow-up and knowledge of your customers and prospects.
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Managing still-to-dos

Follow up and build on business opportunities identified at your customers’ sites to boost your turnover and customer loyalty.
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Advanced billing

Control your turnover and your finances, track your receipts, and export your invoices to an accounting application.
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Offer your customers an alternative to cash purchase and list it on your quotes to optimize your sales.
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E-mailing lists

Optimize your communications with customers and boost your sales by sending targeted e-mails customized with the logo and colors of your business.
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Activity management

Analyze your turnover, improve your management of sales margins and your sales force by getting an accurate overview of your activities.

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