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So, what do we do in ELCIA?

ELCIA Group is the alliance of two separate identities: ELCIA and ISIA.

We are a software solutions publisher for professionals in the business of doors, windows and blinds. Our founder, Franck Couturieux, created ELCIA and his flagship application, ProDevis, in 1999. In its 18 years of existence, ELCIA has become the leader in its sector and established its place among the best software publishers in France.

In 2015, we were joined by our subsidiary ISIA and its ERP application, Diapason. Together, we share an objective: to construct a comprehensive digital chain linking together ever more players in the doors, windows and blinds sector.

We may be nearly 700 kilometers apart, but our goals, backgrounds, and shared values bring us closer than ever.

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For us, people and good humor come first!

We all give our best to keep ELCIA moving forward.
Everything is set up in a way so that everyone feels happy at their job. What will you experience by joining us?

A comprehensive program for integrating new recruits to help you get off to a smooth start, a great annual company seminar (last year we went to Alpe d’Huez, ate raclette in a restaurant at 2,000 meters and had fun in the snow), or intense table football games at the office during our lunch break!

Company seminar 2016 (Alpe Huez)

Séminaire ELCIA

Company seminar 2016 (Alpe Huez)


Equip'Baie trade fair 2016 (Paris)

EquipBaie 2016

Filming of the MyPricer video

ELCIA video carriere salariés

ISIA seminar in Saint Lary

Séminaire ISIA

Filming of an in-house video

Recrutement ELCIA

Participation in MudDay


Sure, there is good atmosphere, but what really drives us is innovation!

Our engineers are on the second floor, our software developers on the third, and an open-space office where sales, marketing, accounting, and reception are based, not to mention our trainers who travel around France all year round. Today, there are 126 of us, with a wide array of complementary and dynamic profiles. Needless to say, in a company where the average age is 32, we’re a energetic bunch!

And do you think we rest on our laurels? That’s not our style! If there is one thing that courses in our veins, it is innovation! Having left our competitors far behind, we are full steam ahead into the future! And we are positively bursting with projects! Which is why we need new talented people to come and join us!

rejoignez nous

So, are you ready for an adventure?

Is it your one burning desire to come and join the ELCIA group? We get it. We have all been there! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take look at our job openings.

We are also open to unsollicited applications, just send us your résumé along with a cover letter (we will read it, promise).

Stéphanie Robin (remember that name, you may be meeting her soon) is hard at work recruiting new people: 30 people have joined us in less than a year!

photo salariés ELCIA

Our working environment?


ELCIA in Brignais (Lyon)

Newly constructed premises in the Sacuny business park, where nature and industry come together. There are shops nearby, a terrace for a lunch break in the sun, and a local Ninkasi pub for after-work parties… It looks like we picked it from a travel catalog, don’t you think? But no, this is where we come to work every day! The convenience of the city combined with the comfort of the countryside, and all just a 20-minute drive from Lyon. Maybe you have never heard of Brignais, but this town of 11,000 people makes up for the perfect working environment.

ISIA, near Tarbes

A workplace right at the center of everything. Pretty good, right? Close to an airport and a major highway, ISIA gives you options! Feel like skiing? 45 minutes away. More like a swim in the ocean? One hour. What about a visit to Toulouse? An hour and a half. How about Pau? Barely 45 minutes. The Spanish border? You can practically see it from your window. Yes, we know what you are thinking: your weekends will be busy! Moreover, our offices are surrounded by restaurants and sports facilities. So, eat or break a sweat? It is up to you! For us, the good old habits are well established: our usual restaurant lunch on Fridays, and a coffee break with our workmates every morning.